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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Eden Bradley's Ink & Iron: Obsession Release Day Blitz


He could have it all… but all he wants is her.
Ink & Iron, Book 1

During his soaring career as the lead singer of indie-rock band Ink & Iron, Cole Kennrick has been through it all: sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Overindulging until he lost what mattered most.

Now he’s pulled his life together and left his addictions behind, except for one: his ex-wife, Janie. If only he can convince her their love was—still is—the real thing.
In the seven years since their divorce, Janie has kept tabs on the only man she’s ever truly loved. The one she had to leave in order to save herself. Still, dark and often kinky desires they explored together linger in her dreams and fantasies.
Janie has seen up close and way-too-personal that rock stars are bad, bad medicine. But when Cole shows up at her yoga studio, clean and sober, his leather-and-motorcycles scent teasing her senses, it’s way too tempting to slip right back into the one place she swore she’d never risk again—his arms.
NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

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Ink and Iron: Obsession

                                                                 Excerpt Rated X

He could either hang in the studio some more beating his head against the writer’s block, or he could go upstairs and get in the shower and stroke off some of the tension in his body.
Tension about Janie.
Those long, lean legs and her perfect, heart-shaped ass…
He’d spanked that gorgeous ass, and she’d loved it. He’d tied her up, played[AD1] [AU2]  her with hot wax… Was she was still into the kink, or had that been nothing more for her than the explorations of sexually charged youth? No—he knew enough about BDSM and the power dynamic these days to look back and recognize that what they’d had was the real thing. The dynamic had been sizzling hot and the connection when they played hard had been intense. Amazing. That was something no one could ever forget.
He remembered.
He remembered her tied up with the long scarves she wore around her neck, on her knees on the bed, hands behind her back, every line of her bound body perfection. The way she gave herself over to him in those moments was flawless.
His cock was growing harder as he made his way up the stairs, one hand on the rising bulge in his jeans.
Ah, Janie…
He moved through the living room, with its free-standing stone fireplace and the enormous window overlooking Hollywood. Down the hallway and through the master bedroom until he reached the bathroom.
Kicking his way out of his big black boots and his jeans, he tossed them over the edge of the round bathtub that stood in the center of the bathroom under a skylight. This room was a hedonist’s delight, but all he cared about right now was getting naked into the shower with his girl on his mind.
He stepped into the enormous pale slate and glass enclosure, which was fully equipped with multiple showerheads and body sprayers. He turned on the tap, leaving the water a little cool. Stepping under the spray, he grabbed the bar of sandalwood-scented soap and lathered up his chest, making himself wait before touching his hardening cock.
Janie on her back, her hands clenching the sheets while he dripped hot wax onto her gorgeous breasts, her pink nipples darkening, hardening…
Oh, yeah.
She loved the wax. Loved a little pain. Loved being taken over. All he had to do was press on the back of her neck and she responded immediately. Usually so in control of things, she went right down when they were in those roles. So fucking sexy.
Janie’s eyes going glassy with desire and submission as he buried his hand in her hair and pulled.
Finally, he lowered his hand and began to soap his rock-hard cock.
“Oh, fucking yeah…”
Copyright Eden Bradley 2015

 [AD1]did you mean plied?
 [AU2]Stet. Played is a BDSM term. I did not mean plied.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Cover

I have been unbelievably lucky since I started writing. For those that do not know, I started last May after a dare one night in a chat room. In November I was lucky enough to to submit to Sinnful Publishing and get accepted.
Now my book is coming out in May. This past Sunday was my first cover reveal and I have to say again I must have done something right in that the cover is exactly how I pictured it in my mind.

Phantasy House, even though I had denied it my inner writer for so long, has been in my head for a long, long time. I have been a fan of the television show Big Brother since the first season.

In Phantasy House Heather White goes to LA to audition for the network show Fantasy House. But she ends up at the wrong audition. Instead of she ends up on the adult cable version where the prize money is bigger but there is one glitch. Couples are looking for thirds. Heather is paired initially with Sydney and Colton McBride. The attraction is immediate.
Phantasy House has FF, FFM, and MMFF scenes.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Robyn Peterman's Fashionably Dead in Diapers

And I thought being half Vampyre/half Demon was hard…That’s nothing compared to being a mother. Sweet baby Moses in a boob tube, there aren’t any books on raising True Immortals so let me give you a few tips… 
~Make a map of every closet and bathroom in your home if you enjoy having sex. Sleep deprivation can cause confusion and a map will help if you only have seven minutes and thirty-one seconds. You’re welcome. 
~Parenting books are useless if you're not human. If your child is half Vampyre/ half Demon I would suggest not using parenting books at all--they can backfire like a mother humper. Trust me on this. 
~Have sex. 
~When your child tells you he has an imaginary friend, do not discount this as fantasy. Often times your child isn't imagining anything. If he persists with alarming and violent stories about this fictional buddy it's probably a Troll. Do a thorough search of your home and kill it. Decapitation works best. Some imaginary friends are harmless. However, it's wise not to take chances. 
~Have sex again. 
~When in large crowds, make sure you hold tight to your child's hand. Losing a child in an amusement park is terrifying. If you're truly paranoid a parent could consider putting a chip in their child. If you do this don't discuss it at dinner parties. People will think you are weird. 
~At least cuddle. 
~Playing with dolls is fun. Being one? No so much. If your child ever finds a Genie in a bottle, flush it immediately. Many children wish for things that are very difficult to reverse...like being doll sized. If this happens, move to Oz. There are many people of small stature there. And yes, it really does exist. 
~Find a closet and go to town. 



Monday, February 16, 2015

Donna McDonald's Ariel Release Day Blitz

Despite her sharp scientific mind and her degree in bio-molecular genetics, Dr. Ariel Jones hasn’t figured out how her life changed so much in a single day. Before she can blink and ask about what is going on, she’s being shot with a billion nanos and some very potent wolf blood.

Now she can suddenly turn into a giant white wolf with the bloodlust of a starving animal. And she’s an alpha wolf…or so she is told by the even larger, very male, black wolf who was used to create her. Hallucination? She wishes. Whether human or wolf, Reed talks in her head and tells her how to handle things…or rather how to kill them…starting with the men who hold them all captive. Too bad he can’t tell her how to put her life back like it was.

Admittedly, there are perks to being a werewolf, such as meeting sexy werewolf guys like Matthew Gray Wolf. It’s not like the science labs were overrun with sexy men in white coats. She also doesn’t mind learning about a side of herself she never knew existed. It's great changing into a real wolf whenever she wants, but being a living experiment wasn’t part of the scientific career she’d planned for herself. Neither was falling for the local werewolf alpha, but what else is a newbie werewolf caught in her burning time going to do?

Donna McDonald

Donna McDonald is an active dreamer and finds writing to be the best way to use her creativity.
Needing to satisfy both sides of her brain, she is a
cross-genre author of contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal romances. Her books appear on bestseller lists for humor, romantic comedy, space opera, and more.
She craves laughter from her readers and focuses her
attention on making that happen as often as possible. She loves to hear from anyone who has read her books.