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Thursday, March 31, 2016

UnCharted Reality Now Available

                                  The third installment of the Other World Agency series.

Ricki Temple always loved reality television. When she is given the chance to take part in a reality show, she doesn't think twice. But this show is on the planet Imhotep, starring Draco and Nyssa, Imhotep's top reality stars. When her final audition is interrupted by someone that shouldn't want to do her harm, Draco, Nyssa and the mysterious Sir come to her rescue. 
Join Ricki's adventure as she discovers close encounters of the sexy kind.                                                                       EXCERPT

“Where am I going?”
“With us,” Nyssa smiled. “There is something I need to do first.”
“I’m not exactly dressed to go anywhere,” she reminded Nyssa.
“That will make it easier,” Nyssa pulled her closer.
“Easier for what?”
“This.” Nyssa bent her head and kissed Ricki.
Ricki’s head immediately started to turn foggy. Her arms went around Nyssa, kissing her back. Nyssa traced the seam of Ricki’s lips seeking an invite inside. Unable to say no, Ricki opened her lips.
Distantly she heard a moan, realizing it was her own voice she heard. Nyssa’s tongue was long, almost as long as a man’s cock. How come she never realized it before? “Relax your jaw, I promise it won’t hurt.”
 Doing as Nyssa asked, she opened her mouth against Nyssa’s. Nyssa’s tongue surged past her lips, tickling Ricki’s tonsils. Her arms tightened around Nyssa, kissing her back. Fresh streams of wetness filled her pussy, Ricki had no idea what Nyssa was doing, but didn’t want her to stop.
Distantly she heard a man’s screams, but that didn’t seem as important as what was happening to her. Her head tilted back, Nyssa’s long tongue trailed from Ricki’s collarbone to her chin, leaving a wet trail that sent shivers down Ricki’s spine. Her legs were no longer able to support her. If it wasn’t for Nyssa holding her, she would have fallen. Suddenly she felt a pinch, then darkness.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Other World Agency Series: What would you choose?

I've had more reaction regarding The Other World Agency than any other book I've written so far. The Other World Agency series features the Temple sisters, Ricki, Riley and Reese. They are identical triplets, that were conceived through artificial insemination. But their parents Trudy and Eli were not happy with the results. They'd made it clear to the doctors that they wanted boys.
Fast forward twenty years later, they sued the doctors and incredibly their own daughters. Not only was the case not thrown out, but they won.
The girls were faced with paying their parents a large amount of money. Not wanting to pay their parents for the rest of their lives, they started looking for high paying jobs. They were open to pretty much anything but murder.
Reese found an ad for The Other World Agency online, intrigued she got her sisters to apply. The money in one weekend was enough to pay their parents off.

In Fang-Filled Weekend, Riley is called for an interview for a weekend of blood-sucking fun. Since it was close to Halloween, she figured it had to be some sort of role-playing acting job.
The first person she meets is Krista. Krista is a seasoned veteran of these weekends, she informs that it isn't role playing it's real.



Riley sank deeper into the soft cushion of the couch, her moans getting louder. “That’s it, Riley, give in to the feeling. Krista, take off her skirt,” Geoffrey ordered.
Krista immediately complied with the order, slipping not only her skirt, but her panties off, as well. Riley was now completely naked while Melinda and Krista feasted on her body. Melinda’s lips once again covered her breast, her hand now joining Krista’s as they pressed their fingers against Riley’s clit and rubbed in alternate patterns. Krista in circles with Melinda stroking up and down.
“Mmmm,” Riley moaned as she started to move restlessly on the couch. This time when Melinda kissed her, her own tongue started to explore the inside of Melinda’s mouth. Her arms going around her neck kissing her back. Her tongue touching every surface of Melinda’s mouth, when she encountered two tiny bumps.
“You are even more responsive than I had hoped,” Melinda approved, her lips going back to Riley’s breast and sucked, her hand slid down, she pushed two fingers deeply inside Riley’s pussy, curving them upward.
Heavy breathing filled the room with moans, the only sound Riley seemed capable of. “Oh god, yes.” She sank even deeper into the cushion.
Her thighs opened more. Riley protested when Melinda removed her fingers. Shifting between her thighs, Melinda opened her lower lips. Sealing her mouth over Riley’s pussy, she sucked while pushing her tongue inside of Riley. Riley’s cries came out louder. Her skin sensitive as Krista’s mouth circled her nipple before sucking her breast.
Her fingers dug into the cushions of the couch, her head arching against the pillows as Melinda continued to eat her pussy. Melinda’s tongue seemed to touch her everywhere. Kissing her clit, she pushed two fingers inside of her. Pushing harder and faster inside of her cunt.
“Look at me, Riley,” ordered Melinda.
Riley opened her eyes and looked directly into Melinda’s. Her eyes now even redder. Her hips lifted seeking more of Melinda’s touch. “After this, you will be coming with us to the island. Do you understand?”
“Yesss, oh god, take me to the damn island,” Riley agreed. At this point she was ready to agree to anything as long as Melinda and Krista kept touching her.

I often get asked how did I come up with The Other World Agency. It actually came to me when I was on my way to Cincinnati for a reader/writer conference last June, waiting to change planes in Houston's airport. 
If you've never been there, it is one of the weirdest airports I'd been to. You have to wait in this huge waiting area with thousands of others and wait for the person behind the desk call your flights. Then you go through these two doors to the gate.
I started to think what if there was an agency that dealt with all the things we were told were not true. You know vampires, shifters, aliens, and what if they helped them connect with humans  

After Fang-Filled Weekend came out, I was asked by readers for Reese's story, more importantly they wanted Oliver. (You meet him in Fang)
 When Reese Temple applied at The Other World agency she thought it was going to be working as an assistant. Instead she has three men at her door claiming that she is their mate. 
Dillon, Oliver and Ryan are part of a declining shifter race of lions, they need a mate. Their last resort is human females. But what they didn't count on is that they want Reese's heart, body and soul.


Somehow she was naked and on the bed, watching three guys start to remove their own clothing. She had already seen them naked before when they had shifted, but this was different. More intimate. Her fingers itched, she knelt on the bed and circled her hand around Dillon’s shaft. Her fingers barely fitting around him. Her thumb brushed the tip that had a drop of pre-cum peeking out.
She lifted her eyes when she heard him swear. She started to remove her hand, when he stopped her. “Don't stop.” He growled.
His words spurred her to move her hand up and down. She felt a tug on her hair seconds later, Ryan started to kiss her, his hands going between her thighs and rubbing her slick, lower lips. It was her turn to cry out when he dipped a finger inside. “You’re soaking my finger,” Ryan said, his voice barely recognizable, before pushing a second one inside. Yes, yes, fuck me, she thought. Make me yours.
“Her pussy is soaking wet.” Ryan curled his fingers up and touched her g-spot. “Come for me, Reese, let’s here you scream.
Reese flew apart, her cries muffled by Oliver who kissed her. His tongue exploring her, going as far inside as he was able. Her breathing struggling to return to normal.  Oliver ran his fingers up and down her body. When he reached her clit, his thumb brushed and rubbed against the hard nub, before going lower. “OH FUCK.” Reese threw her head back when Oliver’s fingers pushed inside her alongside Ryan’s.

For a chance to win an e-copy of anything of my backlist, answer this question:

If you were given the chance to apply at The Other World Agency, what would you check off as your interest? Vampires? Shifters? Aliens? Or what fairy-tale would you like to be a part of?

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