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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Coolest thing ever so far.

I have been invited to take part in a box set with 19 other paranormal authors. The lists includes many of whom I have been fans of for a long time, including Melanie James and Mina Carter.
There is going to be a preorder party on July 7 and I would love it if you were there.

Not only is the boxed set going to be a great deal, 20 books for 99 cents, but all the proceeds will go to The Epilepsy Foundation.

I hope you can make time in your busy schedule to join us and hear about the books that will be available.
Twenty paranormal romance authors are contributing their books in the Wicked After Dark box set. This anthology will be released October 6, 2015, priced at only $0.99, with all proceeds donated to the Epilepsy Foundation. Join us at the preorder release party for the cover reveal, chat with authors, enter giveaways of books, gift cards and more!

Here are the authors you'll find in this anthology:

Mina Carter
Julia Mills
Stephanie Rowe
PM Briede
Jami Brumfield
Claudy Conn
Eden Elsworth
Nicole Garcia
Lane Hart
Tracey Jane Jackson
Melanie James
Gena D. Lutz
Michelle Mankin
Marie Mason
A.K. Michaels
Angela Snyder
Candice Stauffer
Melissa Stevens
Izzy Szyn
Cindy Tibbitts

We are having lots of prizes, swag, books just to name a few. Come and hang out. :)
Wicked After Dark Preorder Party 

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