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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Love Kissed Book Bargains Memorial Day Hop

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Monday, May 23, 2016


Today is Menage Monday :) And today's book I'm featuring is Purrloined. So far its done the best sales wise for me.

When Reese Temple applied at The Other World agency she thought it was going to be working as an assistant. Instead she has three men at her door claiming that she is their mate. 
Dillon, Oliver and Ryan are part of a declining shifter race of lions, they need a mate. Their last resort is human females. But what they didn't count on is that they want Reese's heart, body and soul.

Here's a funny excerpt from PURRLOINED:

“We have to go down and checkout,” Ryan reminded them.
“Why?” Reese asked them.
“Because we just told you why,” Dillon answered. “We have to leave.”
“Is your credit card on file here?” She looked at Oliver.
“Of course it is,” Dillon said. “We’re wasting time with all this talking.”
“Where is the television?” She asked.
“In the bedroom,” Oliver told her. “Reese, we need to go.”
“I know.  So in the time it will take you to go down to the lobby, checkout if there isn't a line and then come back you will waste even more.” She said as she went to the bedroom and picked up the remote. Turning on the television she changed to the correct channel on the television and brought up the bill.
She saw Oliver was behind her. “Does everything appear to be correct?”
“Good.” She scrolled to the checkout tab and pressed enter. “Put your key cards on the table and let's go.” she laughed to herself at the expression on the men’s faces. “Now go and do your change thing and let’s get out of here.”
“Did anyone ever tell you that you’re bossy?” Dillon asked her. If she wasn't mistaken, she saw humor in his eyes.
“Some people have mentioned it a time or two,” she admitted. “What’s your point?”
“Try not to puke on my fur. If you do you will be the one to wash it out,” He replied.
“I’ll keep that in mind. The fur wouldn’t be a problem, but I bet the wings are a bitch to clean,” she replied. “Where do you put your clothes? You’re not going to leave them here are you?”
“No, we put them in our carryon bag,” Ryan answered.
Despite the seriousness of the situation, she couldn’t stop her pussy from wanting to drool. She found it hard to believe that these three wanted her as their mate. Well at least two of them did.  They folded their clothes and placed them in the carryon bag. Ryan changed form first, his fur showed flecks of red and gold.  Grabbing her suitcase in one paw and their bag in the other he started towards the window.
“Wait.” She stopped them.
“What is it now?” Dillon asked.
“Why on earth do you guys insist on doing things the hard way? You guys don’t need a mate, you need a keeper.” She took their carryon bag and the suitcase, stuffed their things in her suitcase, including the bag and zipped it shut. She then put the suitcase back between his teeth. “Now you can go.”
“I’m willing to bet that you like things hard,” Dillon whispered in her ear. “You ready, Miss Bossy Pants?”

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Amazon Sale all Self-Publised titles 99 cents!!

 For several months Carly Adams has worked at Bennett Services. She loves her job but rumor has it that the more popular assistants do more than file, or errands. When Carly gets the opportunity step in for someone at work, she meets Parker and Amber. They need someone to assist them for the upcoming game convention in Las Vegas. 
But this is also their anniversary and Parker always gets Amber what she wants for their anniversary. This year her present is Carly.


 Chelsea Davidson has no idea what her next step in life was going to be until she runs into who she thinks is a lookalike for her favorite band lead singer Jacki Knight in her building. When the elevator breaks down and she is finds out it is really Sexual Chemistry lead singer Jacki and she offers her the biggest fantasy she has ever had. 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Other World Agency

 I honestly thought UnCharted Reality was going to be the last of my Other World Agency but then Dusty had other ideas. And my friend Andrea also was evil and gave me another plot bunny for another one.
First will be Dusty's story, she is reunited with her panthers when something from her past threatens her future.
Quinton, Angelo and Guryon are hotter and sexier than she even remembered. They have been denying their destiny, but when their mate is threatened they can't deny it any longer.

I haven't worked out the details about the next one yet. I know one of the characters is named Hank who you'll meet in Shanghaied Mate. He's a snow leopard but he's also an alien. My friend Andrea gave me the idea of something like Amazing Race but of coure mine will include sex. Lots of sex.
I'm sure more details will come to me later.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Extra Mile: A Sneak Peak

One of the books that I'm currently working on is called Extra Mile and it's a story that had been playing in my head for awhile. It's the story of Brittany Jones. Brittany is the cousin of Carly Adams from my first ever book The Anniversary Present.
Brittany's parents are great but they are irresponsible as far as financial matters go, they also have a gambling addiction. They'd rather go to the casino in hopes of striking it rich rather than pay the bills. Because of this they are now facing eviction Brittany takes a job with Bennett Services newest division Extra Mile and it's an escort service to stop the eviction process.
This book is going to be the longest that I've written to date. :) It is also going to be erotica. I hope to write at least three books in the Extra Mile series starring Brittany. She may or may not have a love interests.
Here is a sneak peak at Extra Mile:

Brittany cried out, her hands gripping the arm rest behind her head. Ivy fucked her pussy with two fingers, sucking her clit was driving Brittany crazy. Oh shit, that felt good. Brittany moved her hips up and down her fingers had a death grip on the arms of the couch.
“Someone loves to have their pussy eaten,” observed Mr. Bennett.
Ivy lifted her head from Brittany’s clit, “Yeah, she does. She needs to suck a cock while I do this. Are you okay with that Brittany?”
At this point Brittany would be okay if she was gang-banged by the whole office as long as Ivy kept doing what she was doing. When she tried to speak nothing came out, she simply nodded.
“Is that a yes, Brittany?” Mr. Bennett walked closer to the couch. “Say yes.”
‘Y-y-yess!” she shouted.
She heard a zipper and saw Mr. Bennett’s cock near her lips. “Open,” he commanded. 


Monday, May 16, 2016

Smexy Phantasies

Smexy Phantasies was the first of my Phantasy series to be released by Hot Ink Press. I freaking love this publisher.
They are so supportive in everything and I still can't believe that I'm with them.

Smexy Phantasies is the story of Rachel and Lisa. They've been best friends since elementary school, they even worked the same jobs together.
In order to help her mother with medical bills, Lisa takes a mysterious job that she hasn't told Rachel what it is yet.
But when she needs Rachel to help her out, she confesses. She works for Smexy Studios filming sexy videos with men, women, couples. She convinces Rachel to help her shoot the video.
What neither one of them admitted to the other is that they have feelings that go beyond friendship.
Things get even more hectic for them when they are asked to film a video that will "accidentally" get released to the media. The video? Film them having sex with two professional football players to put the gay rumors to rest. But during filming something goes terribly wrong that could mean professional suicide.

Here is a sexy excerpt from Smexy Phantasies:

first. Then opened Rachel’s mouth with her tongue and kissed her deeply.
Rachel moaned at the touch of Lisa’s tongue against her own. She placed her arms around Lisa’s neck and felt herself sinking into the soft cushion of the couch. She tilted her head as Lisa nibbled down her neck as her hands moved down Rachel’s body and under her shirt. “Your skin is so soft.” Lisa said against her lips as she moved Rachel back against the couch and kissed her harder.
Rachel’s own hands moved down Lisa’s body and down to her ass. She was getting wetter by the second as she felt Lisa pull back to remove Rachel’s shirt and bra. The cool air of the studio did nothing to ease the heat that was slowly building inside. Lisa kissed first one nipple then the other as Rachel’s nipples hardened into tight little points.
Rachel pulled away for a moment and removed Lisa’s clothes. Rachel dipped her head and licked first one nipple then the other. “Your skin is so soft.” Lisa moaned as she kissed Rachel again.  Lisa pushed Rachel on her back as her head was cushioned by the arm rest of the couch.  Lisa hair felt like tiny feathers caressing Rachel’s skin as she kissed down towards the waist band of her dress pants.
Rachel started to wish that they hadn’t waited until now to be together. Lisa moved back up Rachel’s body as she dipped her tongue in her navel then moved up to her breasts. She sucked her nipples as she moved her hand inside of Rachel’s panty and rubbed her clit. Rachel couldn’t contain the moan. “Let’s take these off. I have to taste you.” She said as she pulled Rachel’s panty down her legs and tossed it on the floor.