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Saturday, February 13, 2016

FANG-FILLED WEEKEND Nominated for best Vamp Menage!!

To say this is the one nomination that I had hoped to get one day is an understatement. I've been following Mary Menage and her fb page and blog for years. Way before I even thought about writing.  I just never expected to have it happen so soon.

To celebrate Fang-Filled Weekend will go on sale for .99 cents until Feb 17 when voting ends. Please stop by and vote for me. ;) Also leave a comment and thank her for the awesome job she does in promoting Menage romance.



“I feel the same way,” Riley confessed. “We just met though. We could arrive at the party and you could fall for whatever vampire hunk or hunkess that arrives.”
“Yeah, it’s a female version of hunk,” Riley explained. Her stomach sank as they turned at the airport and parked in the private area. Checking her watch it was almost four. There was a plane sitting there but no one else around. “We are early.”
“Yeah, but I wanted to make out.” Krista pulled her towards her and kissed her. Unbuckling her seatbelt she pulled her even closer.
Riley moaned against her lips as her arms went around Krista’s neck and kissed her. Their tongues rubbing against the other, her clit started to throb and her pussy became wet. Her neck tilted back as Krista trailed her lips down Riley’s neck. “Is this allowed between us?”
“Hell, yeah.” Riley shivered as Krista’s hand slid under her skirt. “They don’t care. I think that as long as we are available to the vamps, we can do what we want during the day.”
“Oh god.” She moaned as her hand slid under Krista’s shirt and cupped her breast through her bra.
They both jumped when they heard a knock on the window. Looking through the steamy window, she saw a couple of the girls from the salon and Tony. “Hey, are we interrupting?”

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