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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Cover

I have been unbelievably lucky since I started writing. For those that do not know, I started last May after a dare one night in a chat room. In November I was lucky enough to to submit to Sinnful Publishing and get accepted.
Now my book is coming out in May. This past Sunday was my first cover reveal and I have to say again I must have done something right in that the cover is exactly how I pictured it in my mind.

Phantasy House, even though I had denied it my inner writer for so long, has been in my head for a long, long time. I have been a fan of the television show Big Brother since the first season.

In Phantasy House Heather White goes to LA to audition for the network show Fantasy House. But she ends up at the wrong audition. Instead of she ends up on the adult cable version where the prize money is bigger but there is one glitch. Couples are looking for thirds. Heather is paired initially with Sydney and Colton McBride. The attraction is immediate.
Phantasy House has FF, FFM, and MMFF scenes.

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  1. Love the cover, friend. But isn't the description incorrect? Shouldn't it say .."the chance to make YOUR desires THEIR number one show"? Or am I reading it wrong?