Extra Mile

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Storm Delight Now Available

Kindle Unlimited

Summer Storm is on the worst date of her life. As a favor to her best friend, Summer agrees to go out on a date with Robert—Holly’s cousin. He needs a date to impress his new bosses, Guy and Amelia Maxwell. 
By the time they reach the Maxwell’s home, Summer has the cab company on speed dial. But all thoughts of leaving go out the window when she meets Guy and Amelia. 
Not everyone is accepting of the newly-formed triad and will do everything they can, including blackmail, to break them up. 

                                                                  EXCERPT NC17

Pushing Amelia back against the pillows, Summer removed her shorts and panties. Kissing Amelia’s inner thighs before moving to her wet pussy, she opened Amelia’s lips with her thumbs; she licked the juices forming inside. The sweet, tangy taste of Amelia coated her tongue and made her crave more. The taste of her hitting Summer’s taste buds was addictive. The more she ate Amelia…the more she wanted. Amelia’s moans intensified, her hand pushing Summer’s head against her pussy.
“Well, hell,” Guy said from the doorway. “I wondered what was taking you two so long. Should have known.”
Summer turned her head and saw Guy had already taken his shirt off. Her pussy drooled at the sight of his ripped abs. “She made me,” Summer told him. She pushed two fingers inside of Amelia and started to move, her fingers rubbing against Amelia’s g-spot. Amelia’s pussy grabbed onto her fingers, urging Summer to fuck her harder.
Her body shook as she moaned. "Oh, fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

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