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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Storm Delight's Pretty New Cover!!

Coming Jan 21
Hot Ink Press
 When Summer Storm goes out on a date from hell, she is one more insult away from calling a cab, until she meets her date's new bosses Amelia and Guy Marshall. Instead of leaving she ends up never wanting to.


                                                 WARNING HOT 

Amelia kissed Summer’s hip before moving between her thighs. Her lips everywhere except for the place where Summer needed it the most. “Damn, quit teasing.” She moved her hips in invitation. She could feel the liquid inside of her trailing down her lower lips down.
“Thought you’d never ask.” Amelia smiled at her. “Can’t let all this yummy goodness go to waste.” She lowered her head and licked. The juices flowed out of her, and Amelia made good on her promise, if she missed a drop Summer wasn’t sure how.
The pressure inside of her was building higher, moans grew louder, her skin slicker with sweat. She wanted to come, but didn’t want Amelia to stop either. Summer couldn’t stop her moan from escaping.
 Amelia nibbled her clit, and then sucked it hard, her fingers moving in and out of Summer’s pussy. Turning her fingers upward, she rubbed the tiny bundle of nerves near her entrance. Causing Summer to twist on the bed, her cries bouncing off the wall.
“You just couldn’t wait, could you?” a male voice asked.
Summer jumped when she saw Guy standing at the door. “Oh, mmm. Crap.” She raised herself up on her elbows. “Amelia, Guy’s here,” she said trying to stop her.
Amelia raised her head, Summer’s juices covering her lips and chin. “I’ll stop when you come.” She looked over at Guy. “I’m trying to convince Summer to spend the night,” she told him before sucking Summer’s lower lips between her own.
Guy walked over to the bed. “I see, Amelia is very persuasive when she wants something. She tastes good,” he said before walking over to Summer to kiss her. “Now, come like a good girl so we can join our guests.”

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