Extra Mile

Thursday, March 31, 2016

UnCharted Reality Now Available

                                  The third installment of the Other World Agency series.

Ricki Temple always loved reality television. When she is given the chance to take part in a reality show, she doesn't think twice. But this show is on the planet Imhotep, starring Draco and Nyssa, Imhotep's top reality stars. When her final audition is interrupted by someone that shouldn't want to do her harm, Draco, Nyssa and the mysterious Sir come to her rescue. 
Join Ricki's adventure as she discovers close encounters of the sexy kind.                                                                       EXCERPT

“Where am I going?”
“With us,” Nyssa smiled. “There is something I need to do first.”
“I’m not exactly dressed to go anywhere,” she reminded Nyssa.
“That will make it easier,” Nyssa pulled her closer.
“Easier for what?”
“This.” Nyssa bent her head and kissed Ricki.
Ricki’s head immediately started to turn foggy. Her arms went around Nyssa, kissing her back. Nyssa traced the seam of Ricki’s lips seeking an invite inside. Unable to say no, Ricki opened her lips.
Distantly she heard a moan, realizing it was her own voice she heard. Nyssa’s tongue was long, almost as long as a man’s cock. How come she never realized it before? “Relax your jaw, I promise it won’t hurt.”
 Doing as Nyssa asked, she opened her mouth against Nyssa’s. Nyssa’s tongue surged past her lips, tickling Ricki’s tonsils. Her arms tightened around Nyssa, kissing her back. Fresh streams of wetness filled her pussy, Ricki had no idea what Nyssa was doing, but didn’t want her to stop.
Distantly she heard a man’s screams, but that didn’t seem as important as what was happening to her. Her head tilted back, Nyssa’s long tongue trailed from Ricki’s collarbone to her chin, leaving a wet trail that sent shivers down Ricki’s spine. Her legs were no longer able to support her. If it wasn’t for Nyssa holding her, she would have fallen. Suddenly she felt a pinch, then darkness.

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