Extra Mile

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New feature

I used to post hot couples kissing every day on another blog. :) But have gotten away from it, and I've started to miss it.
So every morning I will post hot new sexy pictures of people being naughty. Hope you enjoy them.

Currently I am working on a couple new projects before starting on Dusty's book from The Other World Agency.

Here is a snippet from Extra Mile :) It's erotica, so not sure yet if Brittany will have a relationship or just on and off again. We'll see where it leads :)

Another pair of hands started massage her calves and thighs, Brittany’s eyes started to droop. The hands soothing, without trying to be erotic. Tensing for a second when a finger brushed her rear entrance, dipping just inside. “Have you ever been fucked here?”
“No,” she admitted.
“Is that one of your restrictions?” Zane asked.
“No, it’s just that I’ve never met anyone that I trust enough,” she explained.
“Understandable,” Bella complimented. “Zane was my first there. There were guys that tried it in the past, but I knew they wouldn’t make sure that I felt more pleasure than pain.”
“That’s exactly the reason,” Brittany looked at her.
“Would you allow me?” Zane asked.

Have a great Wednesday!!

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