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Monday, May 16, 2016

Smexy Phantasies

Smexy Phantasies was the first of my Phantasy series to be released by Hot Ink Press. I freaking love this publisher.
They are so supportive in everything and I still can't believe that I'm with them.

Smexy Phantasies is the story of Rachel and Lisa. They've been best friends since elementary school, they even worked the same jobs together.
In order to help her mother with medical bills, Lisa takes a mysterious job that she hasn't told Rachel what it is yet.
But when she needs Rachel to help her out, she confesses. She works for Smexy Studios filming sexy videos with men, women, couples. She convinces Rachel to help her shoot the video.
What neither one of them admitted to the other is that they have feelings that go beyond friendship.
Things get even more hectic for them when they are asked to film a video that will "accidentally" get released to the media. The video? Film them having sex with two professional football players to put the gay rumors to rest. But during filming something goes terribly wrong that could mean professional suicide.

Here is a sexy excerpt from Smexy Phantasies:

first. Then opened Rachel’s mouth with her tongue and kissed her deeply.
Rachel moaned at the touch of Lisa’s tongue against her own. She placed her arms around Lisa’s neck and felt herself sinking into the soft cushion of the couch. She tilted her head as Lisa nibbled down her neck as her hands moved down Rachel’s body and under her shirt. “Your skin is so soft.” Lisa said against her lips as she moved Rachel back against the couch and kissed her harder.
Rachel’s own hands moved down Lisa’s body and down to her ass. She was getting wetter by the second as she felt Lisa pull back to remove Rachel’s shirt and bra. The cool air of the studio did nothing to ease the heat that was slowly building inside. Lisa kissed first one nipple then the other as Rachel’s nipples hardened into tight little points.
Rachel pulled away for a moment and removed Lisa’s clothes. Rachel dipped her head and licked first one nipple then the other. “Your skin is so soft.” Lisa moaned as she kissed Rachel again.  Lisa pushed Rachel on her back as her head was cushioned by the arm rest of the couch.  Lisa hair felt like tiny feathers caressing Rachel’s skin as she kissed down towards the waist band of her dress pants.
Rachel started to wish that they hadn’t waited until now to be together. Lisa moved back up Rachel’s body as she dipped her tongue in her navel then moved up to her breasts. She sucked her nipples as she moved her hand inside of Rachel’s panty and rubbed her clit. Rachel couldn’t contain the moan. “Let’s take these off. I have to taste you.” She said as she pulled Rachel’s panty down her legs and tossed it on the floor.

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