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Monday, May 9, 2016

Introducing Artemis

One of the things that I'm currently working on is a naughty version of Batman titled Introducing Artemis.
Amy Wilson was once known as Artemis a techno version of  Robin Hood. She has been straight for almost five years now and only has a few more months before her ban from working in the tech industry is lifted.
Currently Amy is working at The Bean Dive a coffee shop next to Adams Tech where sexy billionaire Noah Adams also known as Dark Master and his hot assistant Vanessa London known as Calypso come  in everyday. They've been flirting with her for months, but bringing her into their bed risks her finding out their secret identities.
But evil villain The Hinderer wants Artemis to come out of retirement and he is willing to do anything to get her.
To thwart Hinderer, Amy will join forces with the Dark Duo. Will it be a one time thing or will Dark Master and Calypso convince her to stay?

Here is an unedited snippet of Introducing Artemis:

Amy sucked in deep breaths, “Oh Shit.” Her heart was still pounding. Noah slid out if her, but he kept his leg draped over her. “Noah?”
“Can you release the handcuffs? My hands are going to sleep. “
“Sorry.” Vanessa straddled her waist and reached over her to unlock them. Her breast dangling over Amy’s mouth. Unable to resist, Amy licked the nipple, her sigh of relief as her arms were lowered vibrating against Vanessa’s breast. 
Vanessa slid down Amy’s stomach, her slick lower lips leaving a party. Noah lowered his head licking the juices up before they could be absorbed in Amy’s skin. “I thought you two would be exhausted,” commented Amy.
“Never to tired for this,” Vanessa slid between Amy’s thighs and sucked her lower lips, her thumb brushing Amy’s clit. 
“Do you have any clue how long Vanessa has wanted you here?” Noah’s finger joined Vanessa’s in rubbing her clit.
“What about, mmmm yes right there, about you, that feels so good,” Amy felt her body sinking into the bed.
“Me too,” Noah commented. “Vanessa vowed to keep you in bed for a week.”
“At least,” Vanessa's lips shiny with Amy’s juices. “I love eating pussy. “
“I oh god, can tell.”
“We both do,” Noah told her. He slid a finger inside her pussy joining the one Vanessa pushed inside as they took her to the only place they seemed to know.

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