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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bridget's Phantasies

Bridget's Phantasies in actuality is the third installment of my Phantasy series. As I mentioned, I hope to complete Euphoric Phantasies soon.

In Bridget's Phantasies, Bridget is called to the office of her sexy boss Scott Davis and the head of his security Nick. She finds out to her horror that her mother has been  using Bridget's computer to embezzle money.
In the hopes that he'll drop the charges, her mother offers Bridget's sexual services as compensation.
But unknown to Bridget, Scott and Nick have had their eye on the sexy accountant for a long time. Will they convince her to take a walk on the naughty side?

Here is a little excerpt from Bridget's Phantasies. This excerpt is not for the prudish or for those under 18

“Do you not realize how hot you are?” Randi sad as she brushed a stray curl away from Bridget.
That one single move from Randi and Bridget’s panties started to get wet. Holy crap. Bridget shook her head. “I know that I am not ugly.”
“Definitely not ugly.” Randi said.
Bridget felt Nick and Scott’s eyes on them. Would they be mad if Randi kissed her? She remembered when they said they wanted to watch her first time with a female. “Thanks.” Bridget wanted to both move away and get closer to Randi.
“Now I kissed Nick and Scott hello when I walked in, is it ok if I kiss you too?” Randi asked.
Bridget nodded. “Yeah.” Was all she was able to get out before Randi leaned forward and kissed her lightly.
“Have you ever really kissed a girl?” Randi asked against her lips.
“No.” Bridget admitted.
Randi grinned, “I love being someone’s first.” She said before pulling Bridget into her arms and kissing her.

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