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Friday, May 13, 2016

Phantasy House

Phantasy House was the is book that I ever finished. But because the original publisher had closed before it became published, it was the last one of the Phantasy series that has been released.
I was very fortunate that Hot Ink had already contracted me for Smexy Phantasies so when I went to the awesome Sarah and asked her if she wanted it, she said of course. :)

People always ask where I get my ideas. Well Phantasy House came about because I'm a huge fan of the television show Big Brother.
I always wondered what would happen if there was a adult cable version of the show?

Here is a sexy little excerpt from Phantasy House. It is not safe for work or for eyes under the age of 18.

The sound of heavy breathing filled the room as Colton and Jason’s kisses grew hotter. She watched as they stepped away and stripped off Jason’s clothing. Colton kissed his way down Jason’s abdomen as his hand stroked Jason’s dick.
“Come over to the bed it is big enough.” Sydney padded the comforter.
Heather and Sydney scooted to the left side of the massive king sized bed as Jason and Colton accepted the invitation. Heather felt her pussy drooling as the men resumed kissing. Their tongues deep inside the others mouth as Colton once again moved his hand up and down Jason’s dick. Heather could see the liquid at the tip of Jason’s shaft ready to spill over.
Colton moved down Jason’s body until he reached Jason’s cock. Jason groaned as Colton licked around the head of his dick.  Colton and let just the head of Jason’s cock inside and then licked the underside.
Heather and Sydney watched as Colton’s head bobbed up and down Jason’s dick as he massaged Jason’s balls with his hand.  Colton licked Jason’s shaft from head to his balls. Colton sucked first one then the other.
“This is so freaking hot,” Heather said as she watched them. Juices leaked from her pussy. She moaned as Sydney pushed two fingers inside of her pussy as her thumb brushed against her clit.
Sydney turned Heather’s head towards her and kissed her. “I am so turned on right now.”
“Me too. This is hotter than I could have imagined.” Heather replied as she kissed Sydney back.
They watched as Colton fisted Jason’s cock in short strokes. Jason’s head thrown back against the pillows as Colton kissed his chest. “Sydney grab two condoms and the lube.”
Sydney went to the drawer of the nightstand and found the items he asked for and handed them to her husband. Colton kissed Sydney as he continued to fist Jason’s dick. “Put a condom on Jason."
Sydney handed Heather one of the condoms.

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