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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sexual Chemistry

Sexual Chemistry was originally a contest entry and titled Chelsea and Jack.  It was a MF (I know shocker right) and only about 10 pages. It didn't win but the contest people were so nice about my entry that it gave the boost to keep writing.
So I rewrote it, changed Jack to Jacki and added Sam. :)

“Chelsea?” Jacki asked. “Have you ever been with another woman?”
“No.” Chelsea answered. Jacki’s lips were near her throat.
Jacki turned her head towards hers and kissed her lightly. When Chelsea didn’t object she kissed her again, deeper. “Did you want me to stop?”
Did she want Jacki to stop? Instead of answering Chelsea closed the distance between them and kissed her. The touch of Jacki’s soft lips against her own went straight to her clit. When Jacki traced her lips with her tongue Chelsea opened her lips.  
She tangled her tongue with Jacki’s. She didn’t think she would ever be able to ride this elevator again without getting wet. She tilted her neck back, shivering against Jacki’s lips making their way down to her chest. 
Jacki pulled back. “I knew I was right about you.” She said before kissing Chelsea again. She pushed Chelsea onto the floor of the elevator and moved the shoulder straps from her tank top and overalls down her shoulder.
Jacki had fantasized about her? Chelsea moaned as Jacki moved her lips downward. “What if someone comes to fix the elevator?”
Jacki sighed and moved away from her and tugged the straps back into place. “You do have a point. Would you like to come over to our place? Sam wants to meet you.”

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