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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Other World Agency

 I honestly thought UnCharted Reality was going to be the last of my Other World Agency but then Dusty had other ideas. And my friend Andrea also was evil and gave me another plot bunny for another one.
First will be Dusty's story, she is reunited with her panthers when something from her past threatens her future.
Quinton, Angelo and Guryon are hotter and sexier than she even remembered. They have been denying their destiny, but when their mate is threatened they can't deny it any longer.

I haven't worked out the details about the next one yet. I know one of the characters is named Hank who you'll meet in Shanghaied Mate. He's a snow leopard but he's also an alien. My friend Andrea gave me the idea of something like Amazing Race but of coure mine will include sex. Lots of sex.
I'm sure more details will come to me later.

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