Extra Mile

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Extra Mile: A Sneak Peak

One of the books that I'm currently working on is called Extra Mile and it's a story that had been playing in my head for awhile. It's the story of Brittany Jones. Brittany is the cousin of Carly Adams from my first ever book The Anniversary Present.
Brittany's parents are great but they are irresponsible as far as financial matters go, they also have a gambling addiction. They'd rather go to the casino in hopes of striking it rich rather than pay the bills. Because of this they are now facing eviction Brittany takes a job with Bennett Services newest division Extra Mile and it's an escort service to stop the eviction process.
This book is going to be the longest that I've written to date. :) It is also going to be erotica. I hope to write at least three books in the Extra Mile series starring Brittany. She may or may not have a love interests.
Here is a sneak peak at Extra Mile:

Brittany cried out, her hands gripping the arm rest behind her head. Ivy fucked her pussy with two fingers, sucking her clit was driving Brittany crazy. Oh shit, that felt good. Brittany moved her hips up and down her fingers had a death grip on the arms of the couch.
“Someone loves to have their pussy eaten,” observed Mr. Bennett.
Ivy lifted her head from Brittany’s clit, “Yeah, she does. She needs to suck a cock while I do this. Are you okay with that Brittany?”
At this point Brittany would be okay if she was gang-banged by the whole office as long as Ivy kept doing what she was doing. When she tried to speak nothing came out, she simply nodded.
“Is that a yes, Brittany?” Mr. Bennett walked closer to the couch. “Say yes.”
‘Y-y-yess!” she shouted.
She heard a zipper and saw Mr. Bennett’s cock near her lips. “Open,” he commanded. 


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