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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sexual Chemistry Too: Jasmine's Seduction

Arriving home from a concert tour, Troy's secret comes out in the open when Hunter is waiting for Chelsea. He and Troy have been lovers for years. Problem is that Jasmine has been in love with Troy for years. She's heartbroken to realize that he will never be hers. Or will he?
Hunter makes it clear though that he wants the both of them.
Here is a little excerpt from Sexual Chemistry Too: Jasmine's Seduction. It's not for those under 18,

Hunter scooped her up and headed down the hallway, his lips on hers. He set her down on the floor and quickly removed her shirt. “Undress Troy,” he ordered.
Jasmine nodded and went quickly to Troy and pushed his shirt up. Hunter helped her remove Troy’s shirt. Jasmine’s hands immediately moved up and down his bare chest. Troy was their drummer, he was hard all over. Her tongue circled his nipple.
Moving her hands downward, she unbuttoned his jeans and slid her hand inside the boxers that he wore. Her hand circled around his cock. Her hand unable to completely wrap around it. “You are so tiny, Jazz,” Troy murmured in her ear. “I don’t want to hurt you.”
“I can take it,” Jazz assured him. “Just because I’m tiny doesn’t mean I can’t handle it.”
Troy’s hands cupped her head before kissing her. His hands moved her even closer. It seemed as if with those words he stopped holding back. His hands moved to her ass and brought her closer. “But can you handle us both fucking you at the same time?”
Just the thought of feeling two cocks inside her made her knees buckle, but it also made her nervous. Instead of answering, Jasmine knelt down and sucked his cock between her lips as far as she could. Troy’s hands grabbed her head as he started to move in and out of her mouth. He seemed to know how far he could go without gagging her.
She looked up from her position and groaned against his cock, as she watched Hunter kiss Troy. The outline of his tongue could be seen through Troy’s cheek. Her pussy was dripping with juices as she watched them kiss each other. Taking her mouth off his cock, she pushed Troy’s jeans off.

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